RubberBit KS-520

RubberBit KS-520


RubberBit KS-520 Non-curing rubberized bitumen waterproof coating with high solid content. With function of non-curing after long time exposure to air, always keep the viscous rubber characteristics; strong self-healing capacity, once touched immediately bonded, difficult to peel off, at the below 25℃ still stay good bonding properties; It can solve the waterproof layer cracking fatigue breaking, and the aging problem in high stress etc. , various of problems due to primary cracking stress transfer to the waterproof layer, at the same time, KS-520 can be well closed primary pores and cracks, then to settle the problem of water leakage for the waterproof layer; It also can solve the poor compatibility between waterproof membrane and waterproof coating.
It can be used as a new type of waterproof material, which is different from the existing waterproof materials.


  • Widely used in industrial and civil building roof and underground waterproof engineering;
  • Grouting leakage stoppage project of deformation joint
  • KS-520 compound with membrane on the construction site, can forms a reliable compound waterproof system

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  • Excellent creep properties:
    Can effectively absorb the stress from the roots level, when the outside stress functions, immediately lead to deformation then protect the waterproof layer from damage, improve the reliability and prolong the service life of the waterproof layer
  • Excellent performance of the construction:
    Form film immediately, no need maintenance, so that workers can immediately carry out the next construction step; With good affinity, easy to combine with any other materials, Then form a stable waterproof coating, requirements on the base flatness is low, Do not need substrate treating agent for coating
  • Excellent bonding performance:
    Immediately bonded once touched, difficult to peel off , can fill the base deformation cracks
  • Temperature adaptability:
    excellent resistance to high temperature of 60~70℃, at -25still have good flexibility
  • Excellent self-healing:
    When the waterproof layer is subjected to external damage, damage will not expand, at the bottom of the waterproof layer does not occur water leakage, and due to the Creep of coatings can gradually repair the damage, greatly improving the reliability of waterproof layer
  • Excellent environmental protection performance:
    no organic solvents, solid content more than 99%, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, no smell or smoke in the construction process, is a kind of environmentally friendly waterproof coating
  • Excellent extension:
    over 1000%of the elongation rate, 60mm extension, no damage to the waterproof layer because of the displacement of the base, so that the building structure is always maintained in good condition
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and aging resistance:
    After the immersion test in acid and alkali, salt medium, and heat aging treatment the function of the materials is maintained at more than 90%

RECOMMEND USAGE: The usage for 1.0mm thickness coating is about 1.1-1.25 kg/square meter.

PACKING : 18 kg/ bucket


Flash point/℃≥
Solid content/% ≥
Adhesive properties
Dry base
100% inner breakage
Wet base
Elongation/mm ≥
Low temperature flexibility
20℃,no crack
Heat resistance/℃
No slide、flowing
Heating 70/℃,168h
Elongation/mm ≥
Low temperature flexibility
-15℃,no crack

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