KS-20 Spray Applied Polyurea

KS-20 Spray Applied Polyurea


KS-20 spraying-applied polyurea coating is a flexible polyurea material mainly composed of semi-prepolymer, polyether and chain extender, which moulding through the spot spraying by using professional equipment. The material is solvent-free, non-polluting, easy to construct, dense, seamless. It also has continuous coating, high strength, abrasion resistance as well as excellent physical and chemical properties and stability.


  • Waterproof for railways, bridges, tunnels, water conservancy dams and other large building projects.
  • Waterproof & insulation integration for the old and new roof, ground, underground of military buildings, civil buildings, factories, municipal buildings.
  • Waterproof for sports theater, water playground, artificial river/lake, landscape pool and other building structures.
  • Waterproof & anti-collision for cars, ships, buoys, indicator lights and other marine equipment.
  • Emergency rescue project.

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  • Fast curing. It can be continuously sprayed moulding in any curve, facade and top, not producing sagging as well as keeping dense and seamless.
  • Construction convenience, high efficiency, one construction can meet the designed required thickness (hundreds of microns to several centimeters).
  • 100% solid content, free of VOC and don’t contain heavy metals, environmentally friendly.
  • Excellent physical and chemical properties, good adhesion with various of substrates.
  • Non-slip, impermeable, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, can withstand the erosion

RECOMMEND USAGE: Normally, the recommended usage is 2.4kg/㎡ for 2mm thickness polyurea film.

PACKING:420kg/set, KS-20A: 200kg/drum;KS-20B: 220kg/drum



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