KS-11 Primer for Polyurea

KS-11 Primer for Polyurea


This primer is a kind of two-component solvent coating with epoxy resin as the main component. This product is well permeable and has a strong adhesion to concrete; it can be well bonded with polyurea and concrete. It can also be used with powder and quartz sand for repairing the substrate.


As the assistant material of polyurea coating, it can be used as primer on the substrate of the new and old concrete, such as the substrate of bridges, workshops, playgrounds and other concrete structures. If the primer will be used on other non-concrete substrate, please consult the technical engineer of manufacturer.

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  •  Low viscosity, strong penetration, good combination with concrete.
  • Good sealing ability and effectively insulate moisture to reduce the bubble and pinhole formation on polyurea coating.
  • Chemical bonding with polyurea to provide a good adhesion of concrete and polyurea.

RECOMMEND USAGE: Normally, the recommended usage is 0.15~0.25kg/m2. it is about 0.3~1 kg/ m2 if it mixed with quartz sand (or powder).

PACKING : 20kg/set, KS-11A: 16kg/pail;KS-11B: 4kg/pail



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